Twitter still down for updates via IM

Damned. As corona just pointed out, twitter still has severe problems within it’s application framework. I don’t know whether they finally revived their main database db006 or not; but since it’s already at least one Thursday after the Friday the took down the IM interface, I strongly suggest they’re still struggeling as at least my Updates via Jabber (GTalk) don’t go through.
It’s a bit like one thinks about the Plain Old Telephone System — one doesn’t care much about it until it stops working flawlessly. Well, I don’t actually need twitter, but I have to admit, I rather miss loads of the updates I used to receive via IM on my N810 over the last months as well as the opportunity to reply to them easily via IM as well. But, alas, time goes on and while Bubble 2.0 shrinks down to a normal sized tennis ball, other services will emerge and take over from twitter.
It might even use a cooler name.