Browser, the CPU Hog

Oh my … I left my N810 running over night with “Browser” open, simply pointing at a blog. Fortunately I left the power supply plugged in to charge it overnight, since, as I grabbed the N810 for departure, it showed a maxed out CPU while doing nothing more that showing that blogs page — further investigation via “Show Processes” revealed the “Browser”-application as being CPU hog No. 1. I assume it’s because of fimpern’s multiple “active content” (javascript, flash) — did I mention that I consider flash anything than being mostly harmless?
I’d rather like seeing comparisons on CPU load of N810’s tiny embedded 160 BogoMIPS “ARMv6-compatible processor rev 2 (v6l)” and e. g. an EeePC with it’s x86-type Celeron or Atom CPU. As I mentioned before, even YouTube can easily max-out N810’s tiny ARMv6 — will/does perform EeePC/WIND/… much better?