Next Generation Internet Tablet

Hmm, thoughtfix asks about how much money (current) Internet Tablet users would be willing to spend on the next generation Internet Tablet.
As thoughtfix points out, there’s this new line of small, handy, long-running laptops, the so-calles netbooks, at retail prices starting eben below 300,– EUR in Europe. I myself bought one of those in July, 399,– for a full fletched portable x86-PC, capable of running Linux as well as Windows, featuring Bluetooth, Draft-N-WLAN, Ethernet, a Webcam — and an 80 GB hard drive.
In short, a quite capable thingy for less money, compared to current Internet Tablets. My N810 features a longer battery life (over 6 hours with Bluetooth and WLAN enabled, the Netbook runs out of power after less than 3 hours) and a much smaler size (fits even in a jeans pocket) — but also a much smaller screen (800×480 instead of the current netbook standard of 1024×600), much smaller keyboard and a much slower, non-x86, CPU.
So, from my point of view, the Internet Tablet is a quite cool system, but one has to sacrifice usuability for size; the netbooks, on the other hand, are quite cheap, much more powerful, can run standard x86 code and, therefore, offer much more use cases. But they are – compared to Nokia Internet Tablets – much larger.
As for the initial question – what would I pay for a 3.5G enabled IT –, I’m not quite sure that I even need an Internet Tablet again. Initially, I looked for a device that would enable me to do ssh sessions while travelling; the N810 works fine for this and it’s a lot smaller than my ancient 12″ Sony Vaio. One can even run rdesktop sessions on the N810; but it’s smallish display makes this more or less futile. Now, that 10″ or 9″ netbooks are a reality, and a cheap one as well, I doubt that I’d pay circa the double price of a netbook for a new Internet Tablet.