Picture-Microblogging for SPHPBLOG

I’m using locr from my Nokia N95 mobile phone to occasionally geotag and comment on a snapshot and upload it to locr for public viewing.
Last night I was fiddeling around a bit with locr’s RSS feed, locr’s general web site structure and came up with some bash-and-awk-scripts to read the RSS, check the title of the latest picture for special markers and, if there’s a match, automatically upload the picture to my SPHPBLOG-driven blog.
Functionality like that seems to be readily available fo S9Y and other, plugin-enabled, Blogs; I’m not aware on similar for SPHPBLOG, so I hacked something together myself.
The reason for going with simply bash, gawk and curl 7.19.0 instead of perl is … to keep it simple; no need to install a load of libraries and other, software-development-support-related, stuff. The only real dependency lies within curl, and that’s the rather new curl (past-7.18) which includes a way to url-encode texts during submission.