Welcome to version hell #xbmc #vdr #vnsi #Rpi

Installed Raspbmc, an XBMC distribution for the Raspberry Pi, on one of mine yesterday and started to enjoy streaming music and video from my Android tablets and the SMB share with all my music on it. But, like OpenELEC, Raspmbc won’t talk to my VDR’s VNSI server — and now I discovered why.

Unlike my experiments with OpenELEC, this time I did see connections to my VDR’s VNSI port, and I saw what caused the “connection lost” message on XBMC:

vdr: [11985] loading /var/lib/vdr/plugins/vnsiserver/allowed_hosts.conf
vdr: [11985] VNSI: Client with ID 753 connected:
vdr: [30081] VNSI-Error: Client 'XBMC Media Center' have a not allowed protocol version '3', terminating client

Well, I’m running yavdr 0.03 here, and Debian Wheezy on my Dockstars that serve as headends. Googling around, it became apperent that the VNSI plugin entered a phase of agile development:

The OE Frodo builds pull the pvr addons from opdenkamp repo. Without updating the vdr-plugin-vnsiserver it won’t work anymore (after Nov. 15th). I have changed the protocol and given up backward compatibility for now because there are much more changes to come.
I don’t know how fast the guys from yavdr are in updating their repo. I know wsnipex repo has the latest vdr-plugin-vnsiserver. You can tell from the log: currently it should be protocol version 3. [User “FernetMenta”]

So, that’s it then; yavdr is a bundle of XBMC & VDR, and without an backwards compatible vnsi-server-plugin for VDR I cannot update on this system manually (as this would break the VDR integration in XBMC on yavdr). Compiling vnsi-server for my 1.7.28 version of VDR on Debian Wheezy (on ARMv5TE) most likely will take ages, so for the time being, I think I’ll just stick with what’s working and maybe switch my yaVDR box into XBMC mode more often — now that Raspbmc did show me how cool this can be ;)