@Delta and their App

Booked a flight with Delta today, and wanted to use their advertised App. Ended up blogging about what feels like a very bad joke …

Advertising a useless App ...

Well, Delta did make some promises about what it’s App would help me with, so I wanted to try it out. It’s in the Play Store, so it’s just one click and the login away, right?
One would certainly think so, but what actually happened was a quest started to find out my PIN from the Delta website, since the “Fly Delta” App requests one for login. Apparently, at least that’s what I get from reading App comments on Google’s Play Store and searching the Web, in the past Skymiles and/or the login to Delta’s website used a PIN. But as I just joined today before booking the flight, I wasn’t issued a PIN and therefore can’t use the App.

PIN? What PIN?!

Well, this is Android, maybe Delta isn’t paying much attention to world’s dominant mobile OS — things like that do happen. So I tried, after searching the bloody website in vain for about an hour for my damned PIN — and even trying ‘0000’ and ‘1234’ to the App –, well, I just installed the App on my Nokia Lumia 920, running Windows Phone 8. Grasping at straws, this is, but after all, my Lumia will accompany me on that trip as will my Nexus 4, so, what the heck. They wouldn’t be that careless to foobar on Windows Phone as well, would they?

Same on Windows Phone 8

Well. The answer is … look for yourself, look what that App for Windows Phone is asking me about?
Yeah, that bloody PIN again. Seriously, Delta? If I hadn’t booked already, this would have been the time to go with the funnily named alternative airline going my route instead of you. Aksing for FB and twitter details but exclude new users from using your App? I can only hope you do care better for your planes than for your “Smarter Travel™” offering.
How about a voucher for free WiFi for my trip, and — an update that the App accepts, like the website does, PIN OR Password? The current state of that App is nothing more than a very bad joke :-(
Comments from the Windows Phone App Store on this App:

Cannot log in, as my account requires a password, and this app only accepts PINs still.

Asks for a non-existant PIN, useless for every skymiles member.

Comments from the AppBrain Android App market:

PIN? What PIN?! Just signed up for SkyMiles, which required a password, and installed this app, which wants my PIN. What PIN?! The ‘forgot’ option stalls.

Useless. Literally. Only allows you to log in via a PIN, but Delta doesn’t use PINs anymore.

Useless The app asks for a PIN number to log in, but Delta no longer use PIN’s, they use passwords. Total waste of time.

And this is what Delta says on twitter about itself: