Spread the … hmm, load?

Okay. I’m having it. Around 19:00 UTC yesterday, my provider somehow managed to loose connectivity to one of my /24 PIs (Provider Independant networks). So I went and checked the options on Raspberry Pi housing/co-location.

To be honest, my current setup is a bit on the odd side. I have two /24 of PI, Provider Independent, IPv4 network addresses, which as of now still end up at a DC of my former employer, as we had a contract back then for employees to put their private stuff in the DC (and off the office network). The way it was laid out, you could keep that contract even if you left the company, which was nice. (How the PI networks are used is a bit complicated, maybe topic of future post.) But as mergers happen, I think it’s time to look for other options — and one, certainly, is using the Raspberry Pi.

I’m obviously too late for the EDIS offer, as that just gives you “out of stock” when you actually try to order it.
It looks like I was able to order a Raspberry Pi with raspberrycolocatie.nl — with delivery times of 90+ days it won’t be a quick solution, though.
Checking further options, I came across the one from micron21 which states:

This offer is only available to Australian residents who are 18 years or older with a valid credit card for payment. You must also work or be actively involved the IT industry.

Well, I would have liked to run one Raspberry Pi on that far-away continent; but I won’t pass the “Australian resident” checkmark as a German, would I?

Thus: I’m open for suggestions regarding Pi housing/colocation options; just drop me a comment or a mail.

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