30.000 ft

As I had more and more issues on the old, dated 3.3.1 WordPress installation on my housing box in some German DC, this weekend I finally took the time and upgraded. Both to 3.7.1 and into the clouds

This will serve as the first test post on the new aws.blogdoch.net instance in AWS’ free usage tier. I eventually plan to move back to my good old bare metal server, but for now, and since I’ve to deal with clouds full time during office hours anyway, I intend to keep this thing running in “the cloud”.

While being at it, I removed a lot of plugins that weren’t properly working anyway, as time permits – and updated plugins exists – I’ll intend to bring back some functionality lost, so stay tuned ;)

If things do work out as expected, i. e. blogdoch.net is back in a state that I actually can post there again, I most likely will post more frequently.

Hope you like the new header picture, taken near Las Vegas on the flight home from AWS re:Invent ;)