Seriously, Google: Fuck you!

Recently I found a request for, well, say: information to one of my older You Tube videos. Clicked on the link provided by You Tube, being logged in into NSA-friendly Google — of course. But I could not comment.


BTW, pardon my french. Seriously, Google: Fuck you. I’m logged in, I won’t fucking log in again, you fucking fuckers!

So, while I was logged into Google and therefore You Tube, it wanted me to re-enter my fucking complicated password again — why on Earth, they don’t tell me, so I won’t fucking comply to this fucking unnecessary request.

Thus, Fredrik Häll, here’s what I would have replied if nazi-Google would have let me:

I do not experience distortions at all, well, mostly it’s clean and distortions I attribute to glitches in the WiFi uplink.

Please check your USB cabling and your power supply — both did bite me in the past. Besides that, I’m rather happy with the MR 3040 and Logitech web cam combo. (Although usually I use the MR3020 for stationary use.)

Any options for “video hosting” besides YT are greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Seriously, Google: Fuck you!

    • Always thought about vimeo as an “high-end YT”; might re-use my account there in the short-term future though …

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