Predictable randomness

Actually: thanks for nothing …

Trying to graph my system’s main network interface …

      5 Main IF: eno1
      1 Main IF: enp2s0f0
      1 Main IF: enp2s0f1
      2 Main IF: enp3s0
      1 Main IF: ens10f0
      1 Main IF: eth0
      2 Main IF: eth1

This whole mess – »say hello to predictable network interface names« – is really making me trumpy.

(Yes, I foobar’d two times myself (eth0 should have been eth1, enp2s0f1 should have been enp2s0f0 — there was a change of strategy inbetween, on which interface is the external poiting one: “eth0″ or “eth1″), but it’s still five bloody names for ethX …)